Take Action

Steps you can take right now to advance race equity in higher education in Minnesota.

Tell lawmakers to advance the financial-aid reform bill

Call on lawmakers to lower the Assigned Student Responsibility for the Minnesota State Grant from 50% to 46%, which will get us closer to an amount students can cover through reasonable work.

Tell lawmakers to extend the State Grant Program

Call on lawmakers to extend State Grant eligibility for up to 135 credits to better support transfer students, who are disproportionately POCI, by giving students enough State Grant eligibility to complete bachelor’s degrees.

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Why now?

Minnesota’s college-completion crisis

If we are going to meet the Minnesota Legislature’s 2015 attainment goal of 70% of Minnesota adults ages 25 to 44 having attained a postsecondary certificate or degree by 2025, we need to make new and bold investments in higher education now, and in the coming years.