Take Action

An urgent call to advance racial equity

Minnesota higher ed leaders and lawmakers must take bold action now to build a more equitable, just Minnesota where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Minnesota’s college-completion crisis

If we are going to meet the Minnesota Legislature’s target goal for 2025 of 70 percent of Minnesota adults ages 25 to 44 having attained a postsecondary certificate or degree, we need to make new and bold investments in advancing racial equity in higher education now.

Take Action

Call on state lawmakers to advance key policies and be both a leader and partner in advancing racial equity for Minnesota’s POCI students.

Reform financial aid

Minnesota lawmakers must lower the Assigned Student Responsibility for the Minnesota State Grant from 50 percent to 46 percent, which will get us closer to an amount students can cover through reasonable work.

Revise policies for developmental ed placement

Minnesota lawmakers must advance a bill that allows for multiple measures for developmental ed determination, including GPA and SAT scores, as opposed to only Accuplacer scores.

Advance supports for transfer students

Minnesota lawmakers must support grants to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system campuses to pursue innovations in student transfer aimed at shortening the time to degree completion and minimizing excess credits

Support anti-racist teaching practices

Minnesota lawmakers must advance funding to the commissioner of the Office of Higher Education to support professional development for faculty and staff in the areas of culturally responsive teaching, racial equity, and anti-racist teaching practices.